feed the wayfarers, though they were heathen, and we
should neglect the children, nay, kill them? No, we shall
have a care to keep them alive." Thus they failed to execute
what Pharaoh had commanded. Instead of murdering the
babes, they supplied all their needs. If a mother that had
given birth to a child lacked food and drink, the midwives
went to well-to-do women, and took up a collection, that the
infant might not suffer want. They did still more for the
little ones. They made supplication to God, praying: "Thou
knowest that we are not fulfilling the words of Pharaoh,
but it is our aim to fulfil Thy words. O that it be Thy will,
our Lord, to let the child come into the world safe and sound,
lest we fall under the suspicion that we tried to slay it, and
maimed it in the attempt." The Lord hearkened to their
prayer, and no child born under the ministrations of

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