Shiphrah and Puah, or Jochebed and Miriam, as the midwives
are also called, came into the world lame or blind or
afflicted with any other blemish.[17]

Seeing that his command was ineffectual, he summoned
the midwives a second time, and called them to account for
their disobedience. They replied: "This nation is compared
unto one animal and another, and, in sooth, the Hebrews
are like the animals. As little as the animals do they need
the offices of midwives."[18] These two God-fearing women
were rewarded in many ways for their good deeds. Not
only that Pharaoh did them no harm, but they were made
the ancestors of priests and Levites, and kings and princes.
Jochebed became the mother of the priest Aaron and of the
Levite Moses, and from Miriam's union with Caleb sprang

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