from the Hebrews, and let him not stretch forth his hand
against them, for the Lord chose them in days of old, and
took them as the lot of His inheritance from amongst all the
nations of the earth, and who is there that hath dared stretch
forth his hand against them with impunity, but that their
God avenged the evil done unto them?" Reuel then proceeded
to enumerate some of the mighty things God had
performed for Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and he closed his
admonition with the words: "Verily, thy grandfather, the
Pharaoh of former days, raised Joseph the son of Jacob
above all the princes of Egypt, because he discerned his
wisdom, for through his wisdom he rescued all the inhabitants
of the land from the famine, after which he invited
Jacob and his sons to come down to Egypt, that the land
of Egypt and the land of Goshen be delivered from the

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