every first-born son shall be redeemed by the priest with an
equal amount, and, also, every Israelite must pay annually
to the sanctuary as much as fell to each of the brethren as
his share of the price.[53]

The brethren of Joseph bought shoes for the money, for
they said: "We will not eat it, because it is the price for
the blood of our brother, but we will tread upon him, for
that he spake, he would have dominion over us, and we will
see what will become of his dreams." And for this reason
the ordinance has been commanded, that he who refuseth to
raise up a name in Israel unto his brother that hath died
without having a son, shall have his shoe loosed from off his
foot, and his face shall be spat upon. Joseph's brethren refused
to do aught to preserve his life, and therefore the Lord

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