to his field, with his yoke of oxen, and they ploughed up the
earth as one ploughs it at seed time. Yet they were unable
to do harm to the infants of the children of Israel that had
been swallowed up and lay in the bosom of the earth. Thus
the people of Israel increased and waxed exceedingly. And
Pharaoh ordered his officers to go to Goshen, to look for the
male babes of the children of Israel, and when they discovered
one, they tore him from his mother's breast by force,
and thrust him into the river." But no one is so valiant
as to be able to foil God's purposes, though he contrive ten
thousand subtle devices unto that end. The child foretold
by Pharaoh's dreams and by his astrologers was brought
up and kept concealed from the king's spies. It came to
pass after the following manner.[26]

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