Then Potiphar summoned Joseph. The youth prostrated
himself before this chief of the eunuchs, for he was third in
rank of the officers of Pharaoh. And he addressed Joseph,
and said, "Art thou a slave or a free-born man?" and Joseph
replied, "A slave." Potiphar continued to question
him, "Whose slave art thou?" Joseph: "I belong to the
Ishmaelites." Potiphar: "How wast thou made a slave?"
Joseph: "They bought me in the land of Canaan."

But Potiphar refused to give credence to what he said,
and he had also him stripped and beaten. The wife of Potiphar,
standing by the door, saw how Joseph was abused, and
she sent word to her husband, "Thy verdict is unjust, for
thou punishest the free-born youth that was stolen away
from his place as though he were the one that had committed

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