Potiphar, or Poti-phera, as he was sometimes called.[100] He
had secured possession of the handsome youth for a lewd
purpose, but the angel Gabriel mutilated him in such manner
that he could not accomplish it.[101] His master soon had
occasion to notice that Joseph was as pious as he was beautiful,
for whenever he was occupied with his ministrations,
he would whisper a prayer: "O Lord of the world, Thou
art my trust, Thou art my protection. Let me find grace
and favor in Thy sight and in the sight of all that see me,
and in the sight of my master Potiphar." When Potiphar
noticed the movement of his lips, he said to Joseph, "Dost
thou purpose to cast a spell upon me?" "Nay," replied
the youth, "I am beseeching God to let me find favor in
thine eyes."

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