instruction for him in the arts, and ordered him to have
better fare than the other slaves.[105]

Joseph thanked God for his new and happy state. He
prayed, "Blessed art Thou, O Lord, that Thou hast caused
me to forget my father's house." What made his present
fortunes so agreeable was that he was removed from the
envy and jealousy of his brethren. He said: "When I was
in my father's house, and he gave me something pretty, my
brethren begrudged me the present, and now, O Lord, I
thank Thee that I live amid plenty." Free from anxieties,
he turned his attention to his external appearance. He
painted his eyes, dressed his hair, and aimed to be elegant
in his walk. But God spake to him, saying, "Thy father
is mourning in sackcloth and ashes, while thou dost eat,

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