Were I to fulfil thy desire, I would share the fate of my
brother Reuben."[113]

With such words, Joseph endeavored to cure the wife of
his master of the wanton passion she had conceived for him,
while he took heed to keep far from a heinous sin, not from
fear of the punishment that would follow, nor out of
consideration for the opinion of men, but because he desired to
sanctify the Name of God, blessed be He, before the whole
world.[114] It was this feeling of his that Zuleika could not
comprehend, and when, finally, carried away by passion, she
told him in unmistakable language what she desired,[115] and
he recoiled from her, she said to Joseph: "Why dost thou
refuse to fulfil my wish? Am I not a married woman?
None will find out what thou hast done." Joseph replied:

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