him intentionally, but it was ordained of God that
his memory should fail him. When he would say to himself,
If thus and so happens, I will remember the case of Joseph,
the conditions he had imagined were sure to be reversed, or
if he made a knot as a reminder, an angel came and undid
the knot, and Joseph did not enter his mind.[155]

But "the Lord setteth an end to darkness," and Joseph's
liberation was not delayed by a single moment beyond the
time decreed for it. God said, "Thou, O butler, thou didst
forget Joseph, but I did not," and He caused Pharaoh to
dream a dream that was the occasion for Joseph's release.[156]

In his dream Pharaoh saw seven kine, well-favored and
fat-fleshed, come up out of the Nile, and they all together

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