know that he hath interpreted the dream truly. Advise me
now how the land may be saved from the ravages of the
famine. Look hither and thither whether you can find a
man of wisdom and understanding, whom I may set over
the land, for I am convinced that the land can be saved only
if we heed the counsel of the Hebrew." The grandees and
the princes admitted that safety could be secured only by
adhering to the advice given by Joseph, and they proposed
that the king, in his sagacity, choose a man whom he considered
equal to the great task.[178] Thereupon Pharaoh said:
"If we traversed and searched the earth from end to end,
we could find none such as Joseph, a man in whom is the
spirit of God.[179] If ye think well thereof, I will set him over
the land which he hath saved by his wisdom."[180]

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