Joseph was installed in his high position, and invested
with the insignia of his office, with solemn ceremony. The
king took off his signet ring from his hand, and put it upon
Joseph's hand, and arrayed him in princely apparel, and set
a gold crown upon his head, and laid a gold chain about his
neck. Then he commanded his servants to make Joseph to
ride in his second chariot, which went by the side of the
chariot wherein sat the king, and he also made him to ride
upon a great and strong horse of the king's horses, and his
servants conducted him through the streets of the city
of Egypt. Musicians, no less than a thousand striking
cymbals and a thousand blowing flutes, and five thousand
men with drawn swords gleaming in the air formed the vanguard.
Twenty thousand of the king's grandees girt with
gold-embroidered leather belts marched at the right of

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