as a present, and also three thousand talents of silver, and
a thousand talents of gold, and onyx stones and bdellium,
and many other costly things. The king commanded, moreover,
that every Egyptian give Joseph a gift, else he would
be put to death. A platform was erected in the open street,
and there all deposited their presents, and among the things
were many of gold and silver, as well as precious stones,
carried thither by the people and also the grandees, for they
saw that Joseph enjoyed the favor of the king. Furthermore,
Joseph received one hundred slaves from Pharaoh,
and they were to do all his bidding, and he himself acquired
many more, for he resided in a spacious palace. Three years
it took to build it. Special magnificence was lavished upon
the hall of state, which was his audience chamber, and upon
the throne fashioned of gold and silver and inlaid with

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