venture to cast me into prison." Joseph sent word to Pharaoh
to let him have seventy of his valiant men, to aid him
in arresting robbers. But when the seventy appeared upon
the scene, and were about to lay hands on Simon, he uttered
a loud cry, and his assailants fell to the floor and knocked
out their teeth.[218] Pharaoh's valiant men, as well as all the
people that stood about Joseph, fled affrighted, only Joseph
and his son Manasseh remained calm and unmoved. Manasseh rose up,
dealt Simon a blow on the back of his neck,
put manacles upon his hands and fetters upon his feet, and
cast him into prison. Joseph's brethren were greatly amazed
at the heroic strength of the youth, and Simon said, "This
blow was not dealt by an Egyptian, but by one belonging to
our house."[219]

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