the instruction and knowledge he had received from
his teachers Shem and Eber.[3] The whole course of the son's
life is but a repetition of the father's. As the mother of
Jacob remained childless for a long time after her marriage,
so also the mother of Joseph. As Rebekah had undergone
severe suffering in giving birth to Jacob, so Rachel in giving
birth to Joseph. As Jacob's mother bore two sons, so also
Joseph's mother. Like Jacob, Joseph was born circumcised.
As the father was a shepherd, so the son. As the father
served for the sake of a woman, so the son served under a
woman. Like the father, the son appropriated his older
brother's birthright. The father was hated by his brother,
and the son was hated by his brethren. The father was the
favorite son as compared with his brother, so was the son
as compared with his brethren. Both the father and the son

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