lived in the land of the stranger. The father became a servant
to a master, also the son. The master whom the father
served was blessed by God, so was the master whom the son
served. The father and the son were both accompanied by
angels, and both married their wives outside of the Holy
Land. The father and the son were both blessed with
wealth. Great things were announced to the father in a
dream, so also to the son. As the father went to Egypt and
put an end to famine, so the son. As the father exacted the
promise from his sons to bury him in the Holy Land, so
also the son. The father died in Egypt, there died also the
son. The body of the father was embalmed, also the body
of the son. As the father's remains were carried to the
Holy Land for interment, so also the remains of the son.
Jacob the father provided for the sustenance of his son

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