temporary dwelling-place.[326]

Then Joseph set Jacob his father before Pharaoh, and
when the king saw him, he said to Og, who happened to be
with him at that moment, "Seest thou! Thou wast wont
to call Abraham a sterile mule, and here is his grandson
with a family of seventy persons!" Og would not believe
his own eyes, he thought Abraham was standing before
him, so close was the resemblance between Jacob and his
progenitor. Then Pharaoh asked about Jacob's age, to find
out whether he actually was Jacob, and not Abraham. And
Jacob said unto Pharaoh, "The days of the years of my
pilgrimage are an hundred and thirty years," using the
word pilgrimage in reference to life on earth, which the
pious regard as a temporary sojourn in alien lands. "Few

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