by their mouth, so the Ephraimites were in later days to
invite their doom by their peculiar lisp. At the same time,
Jacob's words contained the prophecy that Joshua the son
of the man Nun, the "fish," would lead Israel into the Holy
Land. And in his words lay still another prophecy, with
reference to the sixty thousand men children begot in the
same night as Moses, all cast into the river with him, and
saved for the sake of his merits. The number of boys
thrown to the fishes in the river that night was equal to the
number of men in Israel upon the earth.[375]

Ephraim received a special and separate blessing from
his grandfather. Jacob said to him, "Ephraim, my son,
thou art the head of the Academy, and in the days to come
my most excellent and celebrated descendants will be called

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