Ephrati after thee."[376]

Joseph received two gifts from his father. The first was
Shechem, the city that Jacob had defended, with sword
and bow, against the depredations of the Amorite kings
when they tried to take revenge upon his sons for the outrage
committed there. And the second gift was the garments
made by God for Adam and passed from hand to
hand, until they came into the possession of Jacob. Shechem
was his reward, because, with his chastity, he stemmed
the tide of immorality that burst loose in Shechem first of
all.[377] Besides, he had a prior claim upon the city. Shechem,
son of Hamor, the master of the city, had given it to Dinah
as a present, and the wife of Joseph, Asenath, being the
daughter of Dinah, the city belonged to him by right.[378]

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