Joseph's talebearing against his brethren made them hate
him. Among all of them Gad was particularly wrathful,
and for good reason. Gad was a very brave man, and when
a beast of prey attacked the herd, over which he kept guard
at night, he would seize it by one of its legs, and whirl it
around until it was stunned, and then he would fling it away
to a distance of two stadia, and kill it thus. Once Jacob
sent Joseph to tend the flock, but he remained away only
thirty days, for he was a delicate lad and fell sick with the
heat, and he hastened back to his father. On his return he
told Jacob that the sons of the handmaids were in the habit
of slaughtering the choice cattle of the herd and eating it,
without obtaining permission from Judah and Reuben. But

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