his report was not accurate. What he had seen was Gad
slaughtering one lamb, which he had snatched from the very
jaws of a bear, and he killed it because it could not be kept
alive after its fright. Joseph's account sounded as though
the sons of the handmaids were habitually inconsiderate and
careless in wasting their father's substance.[9]

To the resentment of the brethren was added their envy
of Joseph, because their father loved him more than all of
them. Joseph's beauty of person was equal to that of his
mother Rachel, and Jacob had but to look at him to be consoled
for the death of his beloved wife. Reason enough for
distinguishing him among his children.[10] As a token of his
great love for him, Jacob gave Joseph a coat of many colors,
so light and delicate that it could be crushed and concealed

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