Messiah of the House of Judah! His loins girded, he will
go out to do battle with his enemies. No king and no ruler
will prevail against him. The mountains will be dyed red
with their blood, and the garments of Messiah will be like
the garments of him that presseth wine. The eyes of Messiah
will be clearer than pure wine, for they will never behold
unchastity and bloodshed; and his teeth will be whiter
than milk, for never will they bite aught that is taken by

Though Issachar was the older, Zebulon came next to be
blessed, as a reward for the sacrifice he had made for his
brother's sake, for when Issachar chose the study of the
Torah as his vocation, Zebulon decided to devote himself to
business and support his brother with the profits of his

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