Asher's blessing was the beauty of his women, who would
be sought in marriage by kings and high priests.[394]

In Naphtali's land all fruits would ripen quickly, and they
would be brought as presents to kings, and gain royal favor
for the givers. This blessing was fulfilled in the plain of
Gennesaret.[395] At the same time Naphtali's blessing was a
prophecy concerning his descendant Deborah, who was like
a hind let loose against Sisera to conquer him, and she gave
goodly words in her song of Israel's victory.[396] Naphtali
himself deserved the description applied to Deborah, for he
was swift as a hart to do the will of God, and he was a fleet
messenger unto his father and the tribes. They sent him
whithersoever they would, and he executed their errands
with dispatch.[397] He served the brethren of Joseph as herald,

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