to announce unto Jacob the glad tidings, "Joseph is yet
alive," and when the stricken father saw him approach, he
said, "Lo, here cometh Naphtali the lovable, who proclaimeth

Joseph's blessing exceeded the blessing of all his brethren.
Jacob spoke: "O son whom I bred up, Joseph, whom
I raised, and who wast strong to resist the enticements of
sin, thou didst conquer all the magicians and the wise men
of Egypt by thy wisdom and thy pious deeds. The daughters
of princes cast their jewels before thee, to draw thine
eyes upon them when thou didst pass through the land of
Egypt, but thou didst not look their way, and therefore wast
thou made the father of two tribes. The magicians and the
wise men of Egypt sought to defame thee before Pharaoh

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