intending to deal with the latter as soon as the other
was rendered harmless. Hearing of the design hatched by
Turnus, Agnias hastened to Sardinia to the assistance of his
brother, and a battle took place in the Valley of Campania.
Against Turnus were arrayed Agnias, his brother Lucus,
and the son of the latter, Niblos, whom his father had appointed
commander-in-chief of the Sardinian troops. In the
first encounter, Turnus was the victor, and the Sardinians
lost their general Niblos. But in the second engagement
the army of Turnus was routed completely, and he himself
was left dead on the field. His army fled, pursued closely
by Agnias as far as the cross-road between Rome and Albano.
Niblos' body was put inside of a golden statue, and
his father erected a high tower over his grave, and another
over the grave of Turnus, and these two buildings, connected

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