and again he inflicted a severe defeat upon the Midianites,
who had to give up their plan of revenge against Moab.
This is the beginning of the inveterate enmity between the
Moabites and the Midianites. If a single Moabite is caught
in the land of Midian, he is killed without mercy, and a
Midianite in Moab fares no better.

After the death of Hadad, the Edomites installed Samlah
of Masrekah as their king, and he reigned eighteen years.
It was his desire to take up the cause of Agnias, the old ally
of the Edomites, and chastise Zepho for having gone to war
with him, but his people, the Edomites, would not permit
him to undertake aught that was inimical to their kinsman,
and Samlah had to abandon the plan. In the fourteenth
year of Samlah's reign, Zepho died, having been king of

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