Canaanitish herdsman, a fellow that attempted to violate the
honor of his mistress, and in punishment for this misdemeanor was
thrown into prison, to be liberated thence by
Pharaoh for interpreting his dream? Nay, father, never
will I become his wife. I am willing to marry the son of
Pharaoh, the future ruler and king of Egypt."

Potiphar promised his daughter not to speak of the plan
again. At that moment Joseph's arrival was announced,
and Asenath left the presence of her parents and withdrew
to her own apartments. Standing by the window, she saw
Joseph pass, and she was so transported with his divine
beauty and his indescribably noble carriage that she burst
into tears, and said: "Poor, foolish me, what shall I do?
I permitted myself to be misled by friends, who told me that

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