written by the finger of God. He revealed to Asenath that
he had seen her future resting-place in heaven, and it was
built upon a rock and encompassed by a diamond wall.

On their journey they met the son of Pharaoh, his successor
to the throne, and he was so transported with Asenath's
beauty, that he made the plan of murdering Joseph
in order to secure possession of his wife. He summoned
Simon and Levi, and by blandishments and promises sought
to induce them to put Joseph out of the way. Simon was
so enraged that he would have felled him at once, had not
his brother Levi, who was endowed with the gift of prophecy,
divined his purpose, and frustrated it by stepping upon
his foot, while whispering: "Why art thou so angry, and
so wroth with the man? We that fear God may not repay

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