evil with evil." Turning to the son of Pharaoh, he told him
that nothing would induce them to execute the wickedness
he had proposed; rather he advised him not to undertake
aught against Joseph, else he would kill him with the sword
that had served him in his slaughter of the inhabitants of
Shechem. The culprit was seized with frantic alarm, and
fell down before Simon and Levi to entreat their mercy.
Levi raised him tip, saying, "Fear not, but abandon thy
wicked plan, and harbor no evil design against Joseph."

Nevertheless the son of Pharaoh did not give up his
criminal purpose. He approached the sons of Bilhah and
Zilpah, and sought to accomplish through them what had
failed with Simon and Levi. He called them into his presence,
and told them of a conversation between Joseph and

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