spot and came to Asenath's aid, for Levi, with his prophetic
spirit, had seen what was happening, and summoning his
five brothers he had hastened thither. These six attacked
the troops in ambush and cut them down. But the danger
to Asenath was by no means removed. At this moment the
sons of the handmaids threw themselves upon her and Benjamin
with drawn swords. It was their intention to kill
them both, and flee to cover in the depths of the woods.
But as soon as Asenath supplicated God for aid, the swords
dropped from the hands of her assailants, and they saw that
the Lord was on the side of Asenath. They fell at her feet
and entreated her grace. She allayed their anxiety with the
words: "Be courageous and have no fear of your brethren,
the sons of Leah. They are God-fearing men. Do but keep
yourselves in hiding until their wrath is appeased."

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