Jeroboam will introduce the worship of Baal. Come now,
therefore, and let us slay him, that we may see what will
become of his dreams." But God spoke: "Ye say, We shall
see what will become of his dreams, and I say likewise, We
shall see, and the future shall show whose word will stand,
yours or Mine."[33]

Simon and Gad set about slaying Joseph, and he fell upon
his face, and entreated them: "Have mercy with me, my
brethren, have pity on the heart of my father Jacob. Lay
not your hands upon me, to spill innocent blood, for I have
done no evil unto you. But if I have done evil unto you,
then chastise me with a chastisement, but your hands lay
not upon me, for the sake of our father Jacob." These
words touched Zebulon, and he began to lament and weep,

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