and the wailing of Joseph rose up together with his brother's,
and when Simon and Gad raised their hands against
him to execute their evil design, Joseph took refuge behind
Zebulon, and supplicated his other brethren to have mercy
upon him. Then Reuben arose, and he said, "Brethren, let
us not slay him, but let us cast him into one of the dry pits,
which our fathers dug without finding water." That was
due to the providence of God; He had hindered the water
from rising in them in order that Joseph's rescue might be
accomplished, and the pits remained dry until Joseph was
safe in the hands of the Ishmaelites.[34]

Reuben had several reasons for interceding in behalf of
Joseph. He knew that he as the oldest of the brethren would
be held responsible by their father, if any evil befell him.

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