world at sunrise, and I beheld him in a vision standing
among the proud of the assembly, and therefore I gave him
the name Kohath. The third son my wife bore me in the
fortieth year of my life, and I called his name Merari, because
bitter had been her travail in bearing him. My daughter
Jochebed was born in Egypt, when I was sixty-three
years old, and I called her thus because I was known honorably
among my brethren in those days. And in my ninety-
fourth year, Amram took Jochebed to wife, he that was born
on the same day with her."

Thereupon Levi admonished his children to walk in the
ways of the Lord, and fear Him with all their heart, and he
told them what he had learnt from the writings of Enoch,
that his descendants would sin against the Lord in times to

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