in the mountains, so that he might be able to hasten back
in a favorable moment and draw Joseph forth from the pit
and restore him to his father. He hoped his reward would
be pardon for the transgression he had committed against
Jacob.[37] His good intention was frustrated, yet Reuben was
rewarded by God, for God gives a recompense not only for
good deeds, but for good intentions as well.[38] As he was
the first of the brethren of Joseph to make an attempt to
save him, so the city of Bezer in the tribe of Reuben was
the first of the cities of refuge appointed to safeguard the
life of the innocent that seek help.[39] Furthermore God
spake to Reuben, saying: "As thou wast the first to endeavor
to restore a child unto his father, so Hosea, one of
thy descendants, shall be the first to endeavor to lead Israel
back to his heavenly Father."[40]

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