Besides, Reuben was grateful to Joseph for having reckoned
him among the eleven sons of Jacob in narrating his
dream of the sun, moon, and stars. Since his disrespectful
bearing toward Jacob, he had not thought himself worthy
of being considered one of his sons.[35] First Reuben tried
to restrain his brethren from their purpose, and he addressed
them in words full of love and compassion. But when he
saw that neither words nor entreaties would change their
intention, he begged them, saying: "My brethren, at least
hearken unto me in respect of this, that ye be not so wicked
and cruel as to slay him. Lay no hand upon your brother,
shed no blood, cast him into this pit that is in the wilderness,
and let him perish thus.[36]

Then Reuben went away from his brethren, and he hid

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