compassionate with the orphan, gave food to the hungry,
and clothed the naked. How, then, can ye withhold your
pity from your own brother, your own flesh and bone? And
though I sinned against you, yet you will hearken unto my
petition for the sake of my father. O that my father knew
what my brethren are doing unto me, and what they spake
unto me!"

To avoid hearing Joseph's weeping and cries of distress,
his brethren passed on from the pit, and stood at a bow-
shot's distance.[44] The only one among them that manifested
pity was Zebulon. For two days and two nights no food
passed his lips on account of his grief over the fate of
Joseph, who had to spend three days and three nights in the
pit before he was sold. During this period Zebulon was

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