charged by his brethren to keep watch at the pit. He was
chosen to stand guard because he took no part in the meals.
Part of the time Judah also refrained from eating with
the rest, and took turns at watching, because he feared
Simon and Gad might jump down into the pit and put an
end to Joseph's life.[45]

While Joseph was languishing thus, his brethren determined
to kill him. They would finish their meal first, they
said, and then they would fetch him forth and slay him.
When they had done eating, they attempted to say grace, but
Judah remonstrated with them: "We are about to take the
life of a human being, and yet would bless God? That is
not a blessing, that is contemning the Lord.[46] What profit
is it if we slay our brother? Rather will the punishment of

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