In the hundred and twenty-fifth year of his life, while be
was still robust in health, Asher summoned his children unto
him, and admonished them to walk in the ways of virtue and
the fear of God. He spake: "Hearken, ye sons of Asher,
unto your father, and I will show you all that is right before
God. Two ways hath God put before the children of men,
and two inclinations hath He bestowed upon them, two kinds
of actions and two aims. Therefore all things are in twos,
the one opposite to the other. But ye, my children, ye shall
not be double, pursuing both goodness and wickedness. Ye
shall cling only to the ways of goodness, for the Lord taketh
delight in them, and men yearn after them. And flee from
wickedness, for thus you will destroy the evil inclination.

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