Heed well the commands of the Lord, by following truth
with a single mind. Observe the law of the Lord, and have
not the same care for wicked things as for good things.
Rather keep your eyes upon what is truly good, and guard
it through all the commands of the Lord. The end of man,
when he meets the messengers of God and of Satan, shows
whether he was righteous or unrighteous in his life. If his
soul goes out with agitation, she will be plagued by the evil
spirit, whom she served with her lusts and her evil deeds;
but if she departs tranquilly, the angel of peace will lead
her to life eternal.

"Be not like Sodom, my children, which recognized not
the angels of the Lord, that ye be not delivered into the
hands of your enemies, and your land be cursed, and your

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