so the righteous should be as the wicked," and Job exclaimed
against God, "It is all one; therefore I say, He destroyeth
the perfect and the wicked." They both received their due
recompense, Abraham was rewarded and Job was punished.[5]

Convinced that his suffering was undeserved and unjust,
Job had the audacity to say to God: "O Lord of the world,
Thou didst create the ox with cloven feet and the ass with
unparted hoof, Thou hast created Paradise and hell, Thou
createst the righteous and also the wicked. There is none
to hinder, Thou canst do as seemeth good in Thy sight."
The friends of Job replied: "It is true, God hath created
the evil inclination, but He hath also given man the Torah
as a remedy against it. Therefore the wicked cannot roll
their guilt from off their shoulders and put it upon God."

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