the Midianites: "Why have you done such a thing, to steal
our slave and carry him away with you? We threw the
lad into the pit, because he was disobedient. Now, then, return
our slave to us." The Midianites replied: "What,
this lad, you say, is your slave, your servant? More likely
is it that you all are slaves unto him, for in beauty of form,
in pleasant looks, and fair appearance, he excelleth you all.
Why, then, will you speak lies unto us? We will not give
ear unto your words, nor believe you, for we found the lad
in the wilderness, in a pit, and we took him out, and we will
carry him away with us on our journey." But the sons of
Jacob insisted, "Restore our slave to us, lest you meet death
at the edge of the sword."

Unaffrighted, the Midianites drew their weapons, and,

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