assigns another unto thee."[26] His wife, fearful that he would
not bear his horrible suffering with steadfastness, advised
him to pray to God for death, that lie might be sure of going
hence an upright man.[27] But he rejected her counsel, saying,
"If in the days of good fortune, which usually tempts men
to deny God, I stood firm, and did not rebel against Him,
surely I shall be able to remain steadfast under misfortune,
which compels men to be obedient to God."[28] And Job stuck
to his resolve in spite of all suffering, while his wife was not
strong enough to bear her fate with resignation to the will
of God.

Her lot was bitter, indeed, for she had had to take service
as a water-carrier with a common churl, and when her master
learnt that she shared her bread with Job, he dismissed

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