and abashed, they spake to the sons of Jacob with little
courage: "Said ye not that ye cast this lad into the pit because
he was of a rebellious spirit? What, now, will ye do
with an insubordinate slave? Rather sell him to us, we are
ready to pay any price you desire." This speech was part
of the purpose of God. He had put it into the heart of
the Midianites to insist upon possessing Joseph, that he
might not remain with his brethren, and be slain by them.[49]
The brethren assented, and Joseph was sold as a slave while
they sat over their meal. God spake, saying: "Over a meal
did ye sell your brother, and thus shall Ahasuerus sell your
descendants to Haman over a meal, and because ye have
sold Joseph to be a slave, therefore shall ye say year after
year, Slaves were we unto Pharaoh in Egypt."[50]

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