is void. Yet thou desirest to make one a slave whom thou
chargest with being a thief. I suspect thee of wanting to
keep him in thy power for illicit purposes,[268] and in this
lustfulness thou resemblest Pharaoh. Also thou art like Pharaoh
in that thou makest a promise and keepest it not. Thou
saidst unto thy servants, Bring thy youngest brother down
unto me, that I may set mine eyes upon him. Dost thou call
this setting thine eyes upon him?[269] If thou didst desire
nothing beside a slave, then wouldst thou surely accept our
offer to serve thee as bondmen instead of Benjamin. Reuben
is older than he, and I exceed him in strength. It cannot
but be as I say, thou hast a lustful purpose in mind with
our brother.[270]

"Therefore let these words of mine which I am about to

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