Leah insisted, 'Jacob is mine, and I am the wife of his
youth,' whereupon Rachel, 'Be not boastful and overweening.
To me he was betrothed first, and for my sake he
served our father fourteen years. Thou art not his wife,
thou wast taken to him by cunning instead of me, for our
father deceived me, and put me out of the way the night of
thy nuptials, so that Jacob could not see me. Nevertheless,
give me the dudaim, and thou mayest have Jacob for a

"Then Leah bore me, and I was called Issachar, on account
of the reward Rachel had given to my mother. At
that time an angel of the Lord appeared to Jacob, and he
spoke: 'Rachel will bear only two sons, for she rejected the
espousal of her husband, and chose continence! But Leah

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