bore six sons, for the Lord knew that she desired to be with
her husband, not because she was prompted by the evil
inclination, but for the sake of children. Rachel's prayer also
was fulfilled, on account of the dudaim, for although she
desired to eat of the apples, she did not touch them, but put
them in the house of the Lord, and gave them to the priest
of the Most High that was in those days.

"When I grew up, my children, I walked in the integrity
of my heart, and I became a husbandman, cultivating the
land for my father and my brethren, and I gathered the
fruit from the fields in their due time. My father blessed
me, because he saw that I walked in singleness of heart. I
was not married to a wife until I was thirty years old, for
the hard work I did consumed my strength, and I had no

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