in the measure in which man has mercy with his fellow-men,
God has mercy with him. When we came down into Egypt,
Joseph did not visit upon us the wrong he had suffered.
Take him as your model, and remember not a wrong done
unto you, else unity is rent asunder, and the bonds of kinship
are torn, and the soul is disquieted. Observe the water!
If it runs on undivided, it carries down stone, wood, and
sand along with it. But if it is divided and flows through
many channels, the earth sucks it up, and it loses its force.
If you separate, one from the other, you will be like divided
waters. Be not cleft into two heads, for all that the Lord
hath made has but one head. He has given two shoulders
unto his creatures, two hands, and two feet, but all these
organs obey one head."

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