even as it was Joseph that brought the Egyptian bondage
down upon us.

"I will tell ye, my children, the vision I had while I was
yet a shepherd of flocks. I saw my brethren pasturing the
herds with me, and our father approached, and said: 'Up,
my sons, each one take what he can in my presence!' We
answered, and said to him, 'What shall we take? We see
nothing but the sun, the moon, and the stars.' Then our
father said: 'These shall ye take!' Levi, hearing this,
snatched up an ox-goad, sprang up to the sun, sat upon him,
and rode. Judah did likewise. He jumped up to the moon,
and rode upon her. And the other nine tribes did the same,
each rode upon his star or his planet in the heavens. Joseph
remained behind alone on the earth, and our father Jacob

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