between us!' But Judah refused to do his bidding, and
Joseph beat him until he dropped ten rods, and only two remained
in his clutch. Joseph now invited his brethren to
abandon Judah and follow after him. They all did thus,
except Benjamin, who stayed true to Judah. Levi was
grieved over the desertion of Judah, and he descended from
the sun. Toward the end of the day a storm broke out, and
it scattered the brethren, so that no two were together.
When I gave an account of my vision to my father Jacob, he
said, 'It is but a dream, it can neither help nor harm.'

"A short while thereafter another vision was revealed to
me. I saw all of us together with our father at the shores of
the sea, and a ship appeared in the midst of the sea, and it
had neither sailors nor other crew. Our father spake, 'Do

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