to guide the ship. He bade Joseph take an oar, too, but
he refused to do his father's bidding, and Jacob gave him one
of the rudders. After our father had instructed us each one
in what we had to do, he disappeared, whereupon Joseph
took possession of the second rudder, too. All went
smoothly for a time, as long as Judah and Joseph acted together
in harmony with each other, and Judah kept Joseph
informed in what direction to steer. But a quarrel broke
out between them, and Joseph did not guide the vessel
in the way his father had commanded him, and Judah attempted
to direct him, and the vessel was wrecked upon a
rock. Levi and Judah descended from the masts, and likewise
the other brethren left the ship and escaped to the
shore. At this moment Jacob appeared, and he found us
scattered in all directions, and we reported to him how

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